Visit to play now. Secured by Chainlink VRF and powered by Polygon! dApp

We at Dark Matter (DMT) are happy to announce the release of The dApp lives on Polygon (formerly Matic) and only support ETH games for now but we will soon be able to support other tokens such as MATIC. You can visit our documentation under the FAQ for more about bridging to Polygon.

In order to play you need to deposit minimum 0.01 ETH which will become your “in-game balance”. Bear in mind there is a 1.5% fee but after that you are free to create and play all the games you want without any fees. Each game has…

A coinflip game secured by Chainlink VRF powered by Polygon (formerly Matic)!

We are finally revealing what our secret project is all about! We can expect a working coinflip game where you can deposit and withdraw ETH, create a game or challenge an opponent, filter games and keep track of your wins and losses!

Since fully on-chain randomness is a hard problem to solve for games based on chance we will be using Chainlink VRF to securely pick a winner! This dApp will of course be on Polygon where all of our Dark Matter projects live. A percentage of the deposit fee will go the Quickswap DMT/ETH LP holders who are staked on our Dashboard.

Polygon (formerly Matic) and its near-zero transaction fees herald a breathtaking world of on-chain potential for NFTs, gaming, and entertainment. Mechanics relying on an abundance of transactions that would otherwise be unthinkable on Ethereum Mainnet can now be a reality on the Polygon Network.

Our Million Pixels project is one such example!

Million Pixels is a fully decentralized, community-driven, blockchain-based pixel art gallery. If you remember the MillionDollarHomepage, this is exactly that, but with one million pixels that are each individual and editable NFTs!

Million Pixels Project launching this sunday at 4 pm EST February 28th.
(Launched! Check it out

Dark Matter Vision

Dark Matter is more of an art installation than a typical crypto project. For us, blockchain technology is much more than just sending and receiving digital cash. We believe that blockchain still has the same revolutionary potential it once had — we just have to find it.

How does the Dark Matter ecosystem work?

The Dark Matter ecosystem enables people to create interlinked projects while allowing each project to regain full autonomy and independence. The separate projects on the Dark Matter network don’t have to rely on each other, but…

While TSLA (by Elon Musk) is heralded as the “stock pick of the decade,” mooning to over a $600B market cap in 2020 and making fortunes, there has arisen an alternative market to “take a position” in the terms of yTSLA.

Simply put, yTSLA is a rebase product that will rebase daily to 1/100 the price of TSLA at 15:00 UTC daily. This is how it works.

yTSLA’s starting supply during the bootstrap phase was 111,111 — these were distributed fair and free to the community. …

With the completion of the yTSLA Fuel Station contract we move one step closer on our journey to unlocking the realms of the Dark Matter universe! The fuel station is a buy back minting mechanism for entry into the Dark Matter ecosystem.

Whether travelling to bizarre worlds or solving puzzles, this card will be your fuel as you explore the universe of Dark Matter. It will be required during every aspect of your adventure to unlock NFTs within the ecosystem.

Minting requires 99 yTSLA and Fuel cards are also redeemable for the same amount. …

With the Dark Matter Origins series complete we can look to explore the ever expanding universe of Dark Matter Finance.

All of the NFTs from the Dark Origins series have been minted from the gallery and will only be available from Opensea and other NFT exchanges from now on.

As developments progress behind the scenes you can test out our alpha version of the new website and mint yourself a “Comoonavirus” NFT for 1NaOH.

Comoonaviruses are a group of related bagholder viruses that reverse the price of a mooning cryptocurrency by posting the infamous roller coaster gif. …

If you have been following the DMT adventure you will have witnessed the journey from the SpoceX factory on Earp all the way to the dark dimension located on planet Marp. Encountering an incredible cast of crypto carnival characters along the way from Sam the eater of panda sushi to autocannibalistic Mcafee. Finally we revealed the secret identity of Elob with the incredible NFT #7.

If you have not yet “played the game” then get on over to and start minting. Each of the NFT’s 1–7 has a clue and then you can mint. …

The concept of “citadel” began with MEME with the original holderlings making a private telegram chat accessible to those that held 100 MEME. While this at the beginning was designed to be a “workgroup” for the MEME project, the actual working team moved to a private channel and the “citadel” quickly evolved into a “suggestion box” where you had backroom access to the Dev’s and could get early Alpha leaked.

With the advent of yTSLA a similar thing arose called the “Dark Voyage” which required 99 yTSLA to join, and it quickly turned into an “alpha seeking” group and a…

Cosmic Fuel, 2 of 7

The next phase of the game is under foot as “Cosmic Fuel”, the second NFT in the Dark Origins set is mintable. With the first NFT#1 selling for 1.5 Eth, a secondary market emerges, giving players more strategic options in regards to which of the cards they mint in the aims to have all 7 before the final countdown is activated. (Check out the rules to the game in our previous medium article:

The Dark Matter Ltd collection is currently located at: where you can find all NFTs minted by the project.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.

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