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Dark Matter
2 min readMay 1, 2021


Dark Ventures the investing and consulting arm of Dark Matter, is excited to announce that it is in a position to offer its members access to private and public rounds in regards to investing into new and upcoming blockchain projects.

Members are able to access these offers ONLY through our two tokenized telegram rooms.

Namely “Dark Capital” and the “Dark Citadel”.

!!Links to our rooms can be found in: !!

Please Note: Requirements for participation may change after the upcoming “Dark Event”.

[Team Members will not PM you to ask for funds or direct you to a room. Only use the links in our documents]

Membership: Holding 1 $DMT in your wallet. [Ethereum and Polygon/Matic $DMT supported]

Benefits: First Come First Serve or Lottery (allocation dependent)

Dark Capital Telegram Link:

Membership: Holding 1 rDMT in your wallet.[Polygon Network only, see our dividends contract in our docs for more information]

Benefits: Guaranteed Spot.

Dark Citadel Telegram Link:

Dark Ventures first OTC offer is with the project Bitcoin Nft ( , a Polkadot project harnessing the power of Bitcoin via PolkaBTC ( BtcNft allows anyone the ability to create their own tokenized communities, targeting content creators and fans alike.

BtcNFT was developed by Shenoy Phalgun ( a software engineer come media personality (youtube) and Polkadot(India) ambassador. Self proclaimed fan of music but unable to create it himself, they instead worked on building the infrastructure to support the music scene namely and PolkaMusic. BtcNft acts as the vehicle to create tokenized communities whereas Polkamusic facilitates the royalty redistribution process that is needed within the music industry.

Check out the website:

Read about the product in the Whitepaper / Docs:

Sign up and make an account with their wallet at:

Their app is currently running and they are holding a twitter competition so you can experience the upcoming Proof Of Tweet concept yourself; visit here:

Dark Capital Roadmap

29/05/2021 — Open up telegram room for Dark Capital

30/05/2021 — BTCNFT — Allocation interest and raise. Early Round

04/06/2021 [14:30 UTC] — AMA with BTCNFT project Lead: Shenoy Phalgun

TBA — Proof Of Tweet Concept

TBA — Public sale Co-ordinated Marketing

TBA — Dark Matter Event



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