yTSLA, Y Not?

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4 min readSep 19, 2020


yTSLA is an experimental Parody token and has no affiliation with TESLA Inc. nor Elon Musk nor MEME. yTSLA was given away for free as a novelty airdrop and farm yield. All original holders of yTSLA received it in a decentralized manner for no cost. The inherent value of yTSLA is $0 and if it seems to be trading on the open market for more, be very aware that the value can return again to zero very quickly.

Only use this as a parody, please do not take it seriously!

Hello Frens,

We will keep this short and to the point, with the information you need to know.

yTSLA is a 100% community-driven project that spun out of the $MEME community. The deployers of yTSLA are part of the same group that received the original 355.555 airdrop of MEME just over a month ago.

So, following in the footsteps of the “Degenerator”, we are happy to unveil yTSLA which is at the forefront of a pineapple revolution.

Built on a fair distribution model so as not to suffer the same fate as an overinflated food farm we’ll now outline the distribution and tokenomics.

Distribution and Tokenomics

Ticker = yTSLA


It should be clearly noted that yTSLA is not an “inflate forever food coin.” There is a fixed supply and term for yield after which we will have 100% distribution.

Token supply = 111,111

Name =

Ticker = yTSLA


8 week linear pools

yTSLA/ETH — 50,555 (~45%)

MEME — 12,638 (~11%)

UNI — 12,638 (~11%)

Seed Liquidity for Uniswap

9,999 (~10%)


22,220 (~20%)

Future pool/Governance dictated

3061 (~3%)

Now what about that Airdrop, ELOB?

Andre Cronje Common Card

Keepin’ it in the ecosystem, and being fair, we will be taking a portion of the airdrop fund of yTSLA and dropping it to anybody that held an Andre Cronje Common NFT from the MEME Shop. This snapshot was taken on 9/18/2020 and was done to the best of our ability. If a mistake was made and we missed your account for some reason, we apologize, but all the tokens are distributed and consider yourself part of the “Form 1 elite”

It is important to note that we did this is the spirit of the UNI airdrop from UNISWAP. We wanted to reward those that participated in the MEME ecosystem and acquired NFT’s and also to put out “fair notice” to collect them all because there are a few plans from the community which will be dependent on NFT holding. (some announced, some not)

If you are unfamiliar with MEME or the Andre Cronje NFT’s you can see them at,

Or for sale at Open Sea


We expect to open farming on Saturday, September 19th later in the day. There are 3 farms, each is a 8 week linear pool.

yTSLA/ETH LP token (4X)



It should note that the yTSLA/ETH LP token farm gives 4X rewards as the MEME or UNI farms. We should also remind you that yTSLA is not a “food coin that inflated forever” It is on a limited fixed supply and after 8 weeks it will nearly all be fully distributed.

Please note, this is literally an experiment by some nerds. Seeing the advent of open source “DeFi” technology we are doing this to see what happens when we link a real world asset to a made up synthetic decentralized asset. This is not meant to be taken seriously or for anybody to actually put any money into. Nobody here has received compensation, nor do we have any control over the contract once it is deployed onto the blockchain. It is 100% decentralized. This is done to test a theory and see what happens. Please consider this an experiment that can “go to 0” at any moment and do not invest. Also note that while we have made best efforts to internally audit the contracts, there has been no outside 3rd party audit or certificate.






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