With the completion of the yTSLA Fuel Station contract we move one step closer on our journey to unlocking the realms of the Dark Matter universe! The fuel station is a buy back minting mechanism for entry into the Dark Matter ecosystem.

Whether travelling to bizarre worlds or solving puzzles, this card will be your fuel as you explore the universe of Dark Matter. It will be required during every aspect of your adventure to unlock NFTs within the ecosystem.


Minting requires 99 yTSLA and Fuel cards are also redeemable for the same amount. The “Munky in the Middle” legendary NFT from the Dark Origins series will act as a fuel card too.

Dark Matter is pleased to welcome Riz aboard the graphic design team, alongside our resident lore master they have intermingled their craftsmanship to create this mesmerizing card design.

Get your Fuel Card by visiting the Fuel Station.
Check it out on OpenSea.

Keen eyed followers of Dark Matter (Telegram/Twitter/Ann) would have already noticed the change to our logo on OpenSea and may have visited the alpha version of the site where it is possible to mint the Comoonavirus NFT from the Gallery, soon to be known as Discoveries.

The Gallery will be getting a name change to Discoveries when we add the Dark Matter Origin series in due time. This section will be split into subsections showcasing the various on going experiences on offer. Currently in the pipeline joining the Origins Gallery are sections for Experimental experience (Comoonavirus, UFOmo etc.) and the bi-weekly Puzzle Artifact Series. Coming soon ™.

Until the new updated changes are in place each 100 minted Comoonavirus will trigger a UFO NFT airdrop event (supply 10). Get it now so your chance of getting it is higher! (Each wallet is counted as a single entry and becomes eliminated from draw upon winning.)

Visit alpha.darkmatter.finance/#/gallery to mint the Comoonavirus NFT.

The space farm shows you an approximate claim on $DMT within the contract. When the contract runs out it may say an estimated claimable amount but there will be nothing left to claim. This, along with any reset issues are why it is recommended to harvest frequently. Considering that there is no specified time when you do this you can check ETH gas status websites like https://ethgasstation.info/ to check how expensive transfers are.

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.