Welcome to the Dark Citadel

The concept of “citadel” began with MEME with the original holderlings making a private telegram chat accessible to those that held 100 MEME. While this at the beginning was designed to be a “workgroup” for the MEME project, the actual working team moved to a private channel and the “citadel” quickly evolved into a “suggestion box” where you had backroom access to the Dev’s and could get early Alpha leaked.

With the advent of yTSLA a similar thing arose called the “Dark Voyage” which required 99 yTSLA to join, and it quickly turned into an “alpha seeking” group and a place to complain to the Devs if the price wasn’t where it was “supposed to be” so that was put to where it belonged.

Through these transgressions, when we went to uncover the Dark Citadel, we asked ourselves what is the purpose of the group. And we all came to the conclusion that the Dark Citadel is:

A place for the project “makers” to have a workgroup to brainstorm , work and drive the project. As it is fully decentralized, anybody can join and be “on the team” or leave and cease to be on the team.

It is a place where we discuss the art, the game mechanics, the token usage and even editing and reviewing articles like this. There is no set “hierarchy” more so it is people each claiming things to do and doing it in harmony. Hence there is no “voting” — maybe it is mob rule, but we like it.

That being said, if being part of the inner circle (whether you choose to participate or not, lurking is ok) then it is the right place for you to be.

Also to note if you are going to show up and say things like:

“Excuse me the price of DMT is losing value, what are you planning on doing about it”


“We need marketing”

Then we will just reply with:

“Ok, ser, what is your plan for marketing” point being that we aren’t just the project leaders, we are also likely the biggest holders of DMT and yTSLA and doing the best we can with what we know, so if you come, then come constructively willing to act. Even if you make a great suggestion, there may be nobody to implement it and instead others will help YOU to implement it!

Got it?

Point is this is decentralization at it’s finest. Ride or Die.

That being said, if you are ready follow these steps:

Step one, get yourself 33.33 DMT. Link: Uniswap Info

Step two: Join here: https://telegram.me/collablandbot?start=recQs7fdUbTiQhnas_-tpc

Step three: Tell us something cool

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.

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