PANTHER : Dark Matters Decentralized Digital Asset Management System

Dark Matter
3 min readJul 6, 2021


Concept Model by: Vladyslav Ociacia / (rariable link)

“Lending aggregation meets non fungible token strategies to bring liquidity to typically illiquid assets.”

Dark Matters Panther system is a suite of strategies which are accessible to members of the Decentralized Investment Organization (DIO). [Alpha Version will only be accessible to Citadel members]

A strategy is a series of steps to gain the most effective return; Panther uses this concept by combining yield aggregation strategies, NFT strategies and project investment strategies into one protocol.

Panther uses lending aggregation to back its non liquid assets at a rate of 1:1, this allows investors the ability to exit the system should they want more personal liquidity. Revenue generated from strategies is split between the investor and the Dark Matter project. As the system grows we plan to add revenue to non-yield bearing NFT projects and charities that we support.

The main properties of Panther are as follows:

  • Investors are able to enter and exit the system
  • Investors receive dividends paid out from the system
  • Panther market buys $DMT and creates LP [Proof Of Panther]
  • Panther funds its own developmental advancements.
  • Additional profits go to funding Big Cat, Coding & other Charities.
Panther Flow Chart

Panther is being designed to be a one stop shop for DeFi, giving investors access to multiple streams of revenue without having to tie up their capital for long periods of time.

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Users input Digital Assets into Panther such as Stable coins OR wETH.
Panther uses these assets to generate APY on lending protocols, meaning investors can claim back their capital at anytime as it is not locked.

Panther invests in a variety of projects including non fungible token projects, when Panther makes profits (for example the sale of a NFT) those profits are distributed between all the participants in the system.

Panther Roadmap:

2021 Q3: Pre-Alpha

  • Discord access to Panther [Dark Citadel Members Only]
  • Documentation for Panther
  • Panther Financial Report [Q3]

2021 Q4: Alpha

  • Discord access to Panther [Dark Capital gains access]
  • Panther Financial Report [Q4]


Lending Aggregation: Decentralized Lending Protocols offer users Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on their deposited Digital Assets. This APY is determined based upon the relationship between the Pools Liquidity and the Borrowing demand. As such APY per asset varies across the marketplace.

NFTs: Non Fungible Tokens come in a variety of forms, from independent artists to fully formed teams. They can be yield bearing and or can provide other utilities such as membership access. With popular auction houses such as Christies and Sotherbys offering NFT auctions investors want access to pieces that will accrue in value, whilst still retaining onto their own personal liquidity.



Dark Matter

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.