Mission to Marp, an NFT Augmented Reality Game with Elob Munk. $DMT

Dark Matter
5 min readOct 15, 2020


Space and time as we know it is about to change, forever.

*Note from the captain: The $DMT token has not been launched. Any token claiming to be $DMT at this time is a scam. Check in to the Mission to Marp telegram for official updates.

The crew of yTSLA space cadets has been working hard behind the scenes to deploy the first game of our ecosystem the elusive $DMT. We’re almost ready for our Mission to Marp.

What we know:
$DMT (Dark Matter Token) is your entry into the Mission to Marp game. During Mission to Marp you’ll join Elob on his interdimensional journey and solve puzzles to earn limited Dark Origins series NFTs.

There are 2 ways to earn $DMT:

  1. Accumulate your yTSLA supplies then stake your yTSLA on darkmatter.finance
  2. Gifted from Elob via Airdrop.

Got it? Let’s dive in and learn more..

There are 7 NFT’s in the Dark Origin series that can be minted by staking DMT/ETH UNIV2LP tokens on darkmatter.finance and generating NaOH. You can stake an unlimited amount of DMT/ETH. The more staked, the more NaOH generated over time. There is no cap to NaOH and it is non-transferable. Exact yield percentiles will be announced once the project launches.

Ring a bell?
darkmatter.finance is a fork of dontbuymeme.com, but it’s also an evolution of the idea. We are NOT the $MEME team and don’t have any associations with the project, but we have been inspired by it, and plan to continue the evolution.

Let’s Recap:
. Acquire $DMT
2. Add DMT/ETH LP on Uniswap.
3. Stake UNIV2LP tokens on darkmatter.finance
4. Earn NaOH
5. Solve the ARG (Augmented Reality Game) puzzles.
6. Redeem NFT’s with NaOH.

Our puzzles are based on knowledge of the crypto industry and its history. They will not be technical; no need to know how to write in solidity.

Development for this game has been 100% decentralized and labor has been 100% volunteered.

The story was created by Sharkchild, a notable IRL Lovecraftian horror author. The NFT’s are created by the talented Pings.

$DMT Dark Origin Series Card Back. Once minted it’s full glory will be revealed.

There are 7 primary NFT’s in the $DMT Dark Origins Series and each one will tell a story through its animation alongside accompanying text. Each of the 7 NFT’s will be released in subsequent order two days apart from each other. Two days will be enough time to yield enough NaOH to redeem NFTs as long as you have a modest stake of DMT/ETH. But before redeeming NFT’s with NaOH you’ll need a key in your wallet as well.

Oh look, a Key.
The Key is a specific crypto asset(s) paired with an action you take in the game. An example is simply just holding the Key in your wallet. Each of the 7 NFT’s will have a different key and the clue on what this Key is will be dropped when a new NFT is revealed.

There will only be 99 minted of each NFT, and that happens on a first come, first serve basis. Once a single wallet mints all 7 NFT’s the snapshot countdown will begin and a LegendaryX NFT of Elob Munk’s Last Supper on Marp will be minted. The LegendaryX NFT will be a limited mint with the amount determined by how many wallets are holding all 7 NFT’s at the time of the snapshot.

This is a competitive game. It will be difficult to get enough NaOH to mint all 7. Unless you’re a very aggressive ape with very good timing, you’ll find yourself wheeling and dealing to acquire all of the NFT’s.

The $DMT ecosystem will continue to evolve over time to produce cutting edge gaming NFT technology.

$MEME Hayden Common NFT

Y Airdrop?
$MEME Hayden Common NFT holders will be airdropped a proportional share of 3333.3333 $DMT. A snapshot will be taken at a date to be determined.

  1. You only need 1 Hayden Common. You will not get multiple credits if you hold multiple Hayden Commons in your wallet. If you have multiple, Y Not head to OpenSea and share the love?
  2. If we, for some reason, mess up, and you had it in your wallet, but “didn’t get the airdrop” for some reason, we apologize, but there will be nothing we can do to fix it, as all tokens will be distributed by that point. We will make all technical efforts to distribute effectively and transparently, but sometimes there are oversights and omissions.
  3. The last “airdrop” of yTSLA to MEME card holders was for the Andre Common. Some holders chose to unload their yTSLA straight on to Uniswap and for approximately 2.4 ETH. So keep that in mind as you think about your strategy to acquire the Hayden Commons.

Token Metrics:
is fixed at 9999.9999 supply. There will never be any further mints. The utility of the token is to provide LP to generate NaOH.

Initial Distribution:

  • Airdrop — Holders of $MEME Hayden Common 3333.3333 Split
  • Uniswap Liquidity — 2222.2222 vs 11 ETH
  • darkmatter.finance Farm — 2222.2222 (where you stake yTSLA to earn $DMT over a 42 day period)
  • Team — 1111.1111
  • Dev/Reserve — 1111.1111

yTSLA Fuelling Interdimensional Freedom.
A 42 day farm will exist to farm $DMT with $yTSLA, the rocket fuel needed for our Mission to Marp.

Launch date is to be determined but keep an eye out over the next week. There is still lots of work under the hood. In the meantime, have your mission plan handy…

  1. Secure your Hayden Common.
  2. Stock up on $yTSLA (farm here)


Join the conversation:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yTSLAFi
Telegram: https://t.me/yTSLA_lounge

Please note, this is literally an experiment by some nerds. This is not a financial instrument. We are giving it away for free. Seeing the advent of open source “DeFi” technology we are doing this to explore the future possibilities of game mechanics. This is not meant to be taken seriously or for anybody to actually put any money into. Nobody here has received monetary compensation for their work, nor do we have any control over the contract once it is deployed onto the blockchain. It is 100% decentralized. This is done to test a theory and see what happens. Please consider this an experiment that can “go to 0” at any moment and do not invest. Also note that while we have made best efforts to internally audit the contracts, there has been no outside 3rd party audit or certificate.



Dark Matter

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.