Game Statistics and “Cosmic Fuel”

Cosmic Fuel, 2 of 7

The next phase of the game is under foot as “Cosmic Fuel”, the second NFT in the Dark Origins set is mintable. With the first NFT#1 selling for 1.5 Eth, a secondary market emerges, giving players more strategic options in regards to which of the cards they mint in the aims to have all 7 before the final countdown is activated. (Check out the rules to the game in our previous medium article:

The Dark Matter Ltd collection is currently located at: where you can find all NFTs minted by the project.

The key to mint the first in the series “Pineapple Gate” was the the $meme “Grail Relic” (

At the time of writing 63 out of 99 have been minted.

Daring yTSLA employees who undertook the challenge set out by Elob managed to open the Pineapple Gate, but at what cost?

The second key required the minting wallet to contain 199 yTSLA Tokens along with the cost of 9 NaOH. (41/99 Minted so far)

“Cosmic Fuel” Story + Clue

Utilizing the yTSLA fuel to power the sigil in their palms, will the players emerge unscathed as they traverse the Pineapple gate?!

The Numbers

(Statistics collected Nov 3)

Dark Matter Token ($DMT) successfully launched on 31 Oct 2020, distributing half the supply via airdrop to $Meme “Hayden Common” holders [snapshot Oct 22] $DMT was distributed across 954 Unique Wallets (3.494 Per wallet) (3333.3333 Total Distribution).

Do you know anyone who had a Hayden Common card at the time of the snapshot and has a secret stash of DMT (worth 0.52 Eth)?

$DMT Space Cadets have staked a total 44047.97 yTSLA (Est $197,334) in order to acquire more $DMT (2091.5 DMT left in farm) (Est $107,504)

They have also staked 834.5 Uniswap (ETH/DMT) LP tokens ($232,686) in order to farm NaHO, the non transferable token used to mint the Dark Origin NFT’s.


With the countdown timer ticking away for the third clueX, will you brave the dangers beyond the pineapple gate and undertake Elobs challenge?

Join us for more at:


Opensea Dark Matter Origins

Official Website

Official Telegram

Token Address:

DMT: 0x79126d32a86e6663f3aaac4527732d0701c1ae6c

YTSLA: 0x5322a3556f979ce2180b30e689a9436fddcb1021

Dextools Dmt :

Dextools yTSLA:



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Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.