Entering a Dark Forest of NFTs

Dark Matter
3 min readSep 30, 2020
yTSLA CEO Elob Munk shows off his prized token.

The parable of the Dark Forest holds true even in the realm of NFTs. What started as an innocent larp in honor of our pineapple headed CEO Elob Munk has quickly evolved into something that we think can move the face of the industry forward, exposing yTSLA to a whole new mainstream audience.

More details (and clues) will be revealed in an article next week (consider this the announcement of the announcement) but read on for how it will generally work.


There are rumors of a new token that has inter-dimensional qualities named Dark Matter Token, or DMT for short (no, don’t go search Uniswap for it, it has not been minted yet and anything you see is a scam until we tell you otherwise.)

This token is in very low and limited supply. The only way to get DMT will be to extract it from the Dark Matter Token farm.


The location of the DMT Farm will be revealed shortly. What you need to know now is that DMT is only farmed with yTSLA. It is the fuel that powers the SpoceX fleet and where we’re going you’re going to need it!

You can currently farm yTSLA in 3 pools. There are MEME & UNI pools as well as the yTSLA LP pool which provides the highest APY. Gather your resources and begin refuelling at ytsla.finance today.


Before you can unlock the DMT Matter farm you will embark on a quest to obtain a series of limited edition NFTs that you will store in your ERC wallet. You will need 7 of them to be exact.

How do you get these NFTs? Well, we can tell you for certain that the first DMT NFT will require a sacrifice to mint, we aren’t sure exactly what this is, but it is said that our CEO has an obsession that has led him to scouring through the dimensions searching for treasures and relics.

Has Elob Unlocked the key to inter-dimensional travel using NFTs?


You have now read the official announcement of the announcement. It’s time to prepare yourselves for the future of inter-dimensional travel. The game is nearing its final stages of design and we will be releasing the location of the farm and where to mint DMT NFT1 next week.

Please note, this is literally an experiment by some nerds. Seeing the advent of open source “DeFi” technology we are doing this to explore the future possibilities of game mechanics. This is not meant to be taken seriously or for anybody to actually put any money into. Nobody here has received compensation, nor do we have any control over the contract once it is deployed onto the blockchain. It is 100% decentralized. This is done to test a theory and see what happens. Please consider this an experiment that can “go to 0” at any moment and do not invest. Also note that while we have made best efforts to internally audit the contracts, there has been no outside 3rd party audit or certificate.



Dark Matter

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.