ELOB’s Last Supper on MARP (Legendary X NFT)

If you have been following the DMT adventure you will have witnessed the journey from the SpoceX factory on Earp all the way to the dark dimension located on planet Marp. Encountering an incredible cast of crypto carnival characters along the way from Sam the eater of panda sushi to autocannibalistic Mcafee. Finally we revealed the secret identity of Elob with the incredible NFT #7.

If you have not yet “played the game” then get on over to http://www.darkmatter.finance and start minting. Each of the NFT’s 1–7 has a clue and then you can mint. (there is a maximum of 99 mintable of any one NFT).

Now that we are at the end of the Dark Matter origins series, there is a limited timeframe to get yourself the LEGENDARY X NFT of Elobs Last Supper on MARP.

To get this you need to hold all NFT’s 1–7 in the same wallet at the snapshot time of 10 am GMT (24 hours from now). People who expected a 24 hour first come first serve sort of game will be compensated in the future when we have the capabilities to do a more complex snapshot.

At that time we will snap all wallets that hold all 7 and then you will be airdropped the Legendary X shortly thereafter. The supply of the Legendary X will be capped by the amount of eligible wallets that receive said drop, no more can ever be minted. Judging by the current breakdowns it looks like this will be a small amount and these will grow in value.

How to get the 7 NFT’s — well you can try your luck at the NFT game on Dark Matter or you can just hop over to Open Sea.

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Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.

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