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3 min readMay 29, 2021


Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAO’s) operating in a non-stop open financial industry will foster the importance of knowledge and experience over formal qualifications. Organizations able to leverage their communities knowledge and connections within the space have the ability to rival larger traditional financial investment organizations by being more adaptable to the changing economic environment around them.

Combining the building, investing, gamification elements with utilization of the protocols we invest in allows the Decentralized Investment Organisation (DIO) to grow through self incentivisation through returns. As our userbase understands the possibilities within the DeFi sector we can explore Dark Citadel only protocols; contracts that redirect the flow of funds without requiring a token listing and liquidity.

Decentralization in financial organizations can be measured on a spectrum, with full DeFi providing little to no safety net in the form of customer service and refunds in exchange for flexibility and control of the users funds. Their centralized counterparts trade flexibility for a safer, more traditional approach with less access to users’ funds. Dark Matter currently operates as a Top down organisation, meaning building outlines, technical solutions, investment acquisition and policy decisions are made by the core team. With the Discord migration nearing completion we can start to interact with our Citadel members about streamlining how they interact with the DIO and the types of investments it should pursue or create. The aim is to move the top down approach into a bottom up one thus becoming more decentralized in the process. Encouraging the development of skill sets within our community gives us the connections to increase the scope of the “Dao as a Service” operations we are able to provide.

Currently we offer consultation and liquidity multi signing with projects, operated by the core team members. As we grow our Citadel we aim to expand our Dao as a Service operations to other projects and organisations both in and out of the cryptocurrency sector.

Creating roles that are merit based and make sense to the organisation’s direction will be rolled out over the next two weeks. Citadel members are urged to fill out the forms in the Discord Updates room should they want their views considered.

Project Updates

Kitty Coin ($KITTY) : Launching on Polygon, the Kitty Coin project seeks to bring the fun of community owned tokens to the polygon network. Choosing to pair its liquidity with MATIC/KITTY LP the tokens’ equity reflects the price action of its parent network.

Name: Kitty Coin
Chain: Polygon ($MATIC)
Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
Ticker: $KITTY
Contract: 0xb4228798fF437ecD8fa43429664e9992256fe6Ac

Kitty Community Discord:

Upcoming Projects

Million Pixels ($MP) : With the initial round raise completed we have secured someone for the lead position. While they develop their marketing strategy for launch we will begin the process of contract migration and liquidity raising.

PolkaEX ($PKEX) : A cross-chain trading platform on the Plasm Network running on Polkadot blockchain ($Dot). With their Private rounds complete, the PolkaEX team are gearing up for their public raise. Getting their contracts and inital platform ready for launch, the polkaEX team have recently released their tokenomics for their $PKEX token and its utility on the PolkaEX trading platform.

Read more:

Name: PolkaEX
Ticker: $PKEX.
Chain: Ethereum (ERC20)

Total supply: 100,000,000.
Initial circulating market cap: $857,500(0.35USDT/PKEX).
Initial circulating supply: 2,450,000 PKEX


To find out more about when the PolkaEX public sale is follow their telegram announcement channel:



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