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Dark Matter
3 min readFeb 28, 2021


Million Pixels Project launching this sunday at 4 pm EST February 28th.
(Launched! Check it out

Dark Matter Vision

Dark Matter is more of an art installation than a typical crypto project. For us, blockchain technology is much more than just sending and receiving digital cash. We believe that blockchain still has the same revolutionary potential it once had — we just have to find it.

How does the Dark Matter ecosystem work?

The Dark Matter ecosystem enables people to create interlinked projects while allowing each project to regain full autonomy and independence. The separate projects on the Dark Matter network don’t have to rely on each other, but if they make profit, the revenue is distributed to all Dark Matter Token liquidity providers. It’s a simple way to incentivize creativity and exploring new possibilities of blockchain technology.

A large number of the projects created in the Dark Matter ecosystem explore the idea of Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are currently one of the few popular solutions which successfully combine blockchain technology with the creative freedom of art.

Although DMT was originally an Ethereum-based project, we’ve expanded to the Polygon (formerly Matic) network which allows a larger dose of expressive freedom to the NFT creators because of near zero fees! While our projects are still accessible on the ETH-based OpenSea.io NFT market, we plan to fully migrate to the Polygon/Matic ecosystem in the near future.

Million Pixels Project

Design preview of the Million Pixels website.

The DMT Million Pixels Project takes a trip down memory lane and revives the spirit of the epically ambitious MillionDollarHomepage endeavour. This time, the canvas will be more than a billboard; it will be an art collage, and every Pixel will be its own NFT!

Million Pixels is a fully decentralized, community-driven, blockchain-based pixel art gallery, and we are super excited about it! An old idea and a new technology come together in perfect harmony to usher in a beautiful execution of digital expression.

The website will allow anyone — anywhere in the world — to purchase Pixel space and do with it whatever he or she wants. You can buy a single Pixel or you can buy groups of them to create a larger image. You can use them to advertise your own project or to create a small (or huge) masterpiece of art.

Think of buying Pixels like buying digital land from Decentraland or Sandbox. Your Pixel space is yours alone (secured in your wallet) and you can manage it as you wish. When the value of the Million Pixels grows over time, you can resell your Pixel space and make a profit.


There will be a limit of 1,000,000 pixels. Each pixel will cost 0.001 ETH during the initial sale. For less than $2 you can buy a single Pixel just to take part in crypto art history and support the development of creative blockchain solutions. Or you can buy more Pixel space, and do with it whatever you want.

Like with all other projects created in the Dark Matter Token ecosystem, the profits generated from the Pixel sale will be redistributed to the community of DMT liquidity providers. After the marketplace for secondary Pixel trade is introduced, a small percentage of the sales will also be distributed to the liquidity providers.

Overview of distribution:

Primary sales

  • 85% to DMT liquidity providers (on Quickswap)
  • 15% to the dev team

Secondary sales

  • 85% to seller
  • 10% to DMT liquidity providers (on Quickswap)
  • 5% to the dev team

In order to make it easy for people to keep track of the Pixels they own, the Million Pixels website will include a simple portfolio tracker showing all the pixels that you’ve purchased. You will be able to change the color of each of your Pixels at anytime.

Million Pixels Project launching this sunday at 4 pm EST .

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Dark Matter

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.