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April Medium Update

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5 min readApr 14, 2021
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With the launch of our latest dApp Tokenflip.io the Dark Matter Ecosystem continues to evolve, to keep our community up to date with all the developments coming out we will be doing bi-weekly medium reports covering the various progress and things the community can get involved with.

Although we are a Blockchain agnostic group, deploying dapp’s wherever we choose at present Dark Matter is finding a home on Polygon, where the Dark Matter Dividends contract is located.

Users who bridged over from Ethereum and staked in the dividends contract generate rDMT, revenue bearing DMT, we refer to them as our power users. rDMT is symbolic of Dark Matter since we believe a strong ecosystem is one where all the parts benefit each other. To that end we are pursuing ways to improve our parent chain along with utilizing other chain opportunities when they present themselves to us.

Utilizing the chain is fairly straightforward as it operates just like Ethereum does, bar the costs. It just requires a little more infrastructure and awareness to take off. We think collaboration towards aligned goals is the key and are setting up our community to reflect that.

Users can view are interactive map to navigate the ecosystem here:

To better understand our dividends contract visit our Dividends Flow chart here: https://my.visme.co/view/q6xr0nye-project-proposal-alternatives

General Updates

  • Slowly releasing code to our Github org and making it public. For now you can check out our subgraphs. https://github.com/darkmattertoken.
  • We are working on a new website that better communicates what Dark Matter is about and puts our projects on the forefront.
  • We are working on Grafana dashboard to visualize all project stats.
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Tokenflip.io is our Q2 dapp on the Polygon network. Utilizing Chainlinks Random Verified Function (VRF), users can create a game of 50/50 chance or choose to challenge an already created game. We have added support for ETH and MATIC token games. Over 200 games has been played.

We can add any Polygon mapped token with our current architecture. They can be projects born on polygon or they can be Ethereum based projects that have since mapped themselves over. It’s a community effort to figure out what projects we want to support so feel free to reach out.

Million Pixels

Millionpixels.io is our canvas of 1 million pixels, taking homage from the one million dollar website. Each of the Million Pixels is a NFT which is purchasable and editable. Each pixel sale redistributes as LP tokens to liquidity providers in our Dividends Contract on the Polygon network.

Since its launch in Q1 this year, over 30,778 Pixels have been bought off the board (30.778 ETH) with (26.161 ETH) being redistributed to the dividend contract in the form of 13 ETH and 13 ETH of $DMT in the form of LP.

Community: Pixel Renting or Bi-Promotional, Community members can reach out to other projects or artists and offer to show their logo or work. If you would like to contact Dark Matter for bi-promotional work please contact: hello@darkmatter.finance

Auction House

We have looked at the market in regards to building an auction house and feel it is fairly saturated. We want to create something new and unique. As such we have been opening discussions with artists, auction houses and galleries to explore how Dark Matter can fix the various issues they have raised, be it bridging the physical and digital in order to provide the best user experience.

We now definitely have good insight on how we want to go about building an auction house. We want to support lots of different mechanics so we can create a fun experience for both collectors and artists!

If you are an artist, gallery owner or someone of influence that is interested in working with us, feel free to reach out to hello@darkmatter.finance .

Dark Matter Artist series and The Dark Matter Collection

Introducing the Dark Matter Artist series and The Dark Matter Collection, our documentation through the exciting world of digital assets and art. As a collector of these pieces we want to explore the roles Artists, Collectors and Builders play in this digital art explosion, we plan to do this with a series of publications, podcasts and written interviews with those operating within the scene.

Read our Artist review #1 where we cover the other respondents to last week Friday’s tweet here: https://darkmattercollection.medium.com/

Dark Bridge

Speeding up the revolution.

One of the issues Polygon is facing before it can truly take off is having a truly great NFT bridge with user experience at the forefront. Having a NFT bridge that works with any NFT is the goal of Dark Bridge. We have already seen NFT bridges being built but they are only working with their own NFTs and they require the Polygon team to manually map their contracts. Our bridge will be able to work without manual mapping and without any work from the Polygon team.

Speeding up the revolution further we want it to be the go to place to onboard to Polygon. Not only bridging NFTs but also any ERC20 token.

Dark Citadel

The Dark Citadel is our private Telegram room that can be accessed if you have 1 rDMT. We share a bit of alpha and get feedback from our power users about the direction we should take.

The Dark Citadel is designed to separate power users from normal users. Power users being those that bridged over to Polygon from Ethereum, provided liquidity on Quickswap and staked on our dashboard.

Power users are great for testing projects/products before launch. This combined with our experience in the industry allows us to offer our members early entry into various presales for upcoming project launches.

Dark Launch

Launchpads offer upcoming projects market awareness and promotion in exchange for offering their communities access to their presales. Some of our upcoming partners are in this position so we are offering to lend a hand in their launch.

We will be assisting the launch of two projects over the next two months. A NFT based project and a Rights Association project on the Polkadot chain.

Our tier structure will be as follows, since each deal is unique to itself our power users are offered the best version of said deal, if it exists. Normal users can access the next tier as they are speculator holders of the token and are still vital in the projects price action success and finally the public round will be offered to the public i.e those that are transient travelers of our ecosystem.

We have a few plans in motion on how we plan to launch this with our new partner and will be making more announcements as we go.



Dark Matter

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.