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Dark Matter is going private — becoming a Decentralized Investment Organization (DIO).

Dark Matter
4 min readMay 10, 2021

Table of contents

  • Re-imagining decentralized organizations
  • Project types
  • Investment Roadmap
  • Tokenized Discord and Telegram Channels
  • Million Pixels will be getting its own token $MP
  • $MP Airdrop details

Re-imagining decentralized organizations

April saw a larger focus on assessing and infrastructure building, including an overall assessment on the ecosystem as a whole. Followers of Dark Matter will know our ecosystem is multi-faceted, operating as a multi-product builders platform that operates beyond just its own projects.

When we compare the user’s for our dapps with the investors of our token we notice that they are not one and the same. This makes it harder to form specific communities around the projects themselves which drives volume on the dapps which is the lifeforce of the revenue model.

What if Million Pixels had its own token? What if it decoupled from our ecosystem and instead used our design to burn its own token when pixels were bought, thus making it deflationary. Since it already has a working minimum viable product (MVP), the team we form around it can focus mainly on marketing and community growth. The same can be applied to Tokenflip.io, albeit the scope for alternative games and turning it into a casino are greater.

The scope on our [2] unannounced projects required us to seek funding either privately with V.C’s or publicly using the IDO circuit. This either reduces the tokens distribution or adds additional costs in the fundraising, which can be doubled depending on the amount of liquidity the project provides.

Being blockchain agnostic we are always researching chains to run our dapps on, being investors in the space ourselves we are also aware of what the investor is after. As we occupy both sides of the space it makes sense to transition into becoming a Decentralized Investment Organization (DIO).

Project types

As a blockchain agnostic builders group with over +15 years combined experience in the industry we have been helping other projects with technical and practical solutions. As such we have made a lot of close connections in the industry. Dark Launch serves as a place to help fund, support and bring to market both our own and our acquaintances projects. The projects we put forward are of three types.

Type 1) Team chosen
These are non-Dark Matter projects whereby the Dark Matter team either advise, assist or are familiar with the project leads on the team. Projects of this type have working products and already passed various milestones.

First Project: BTCnft
Website: btcnft.io

Type 2) Dark Matter projects
These are our own MVP (minimum viable products) we are forming teams for and launching. Since we only need Marketing and Community/Admin support roles we

First Project: Million Pixels
Telegram: https://t.me/millionpixels

Pitch deck: Access for Dark Citadel Members only

Type 3) Community or anonymous dev projects
The final tier are projects that have high risk associated to them, as such Dark Matter multi sigs with the Teams to ensure liquidity is safe, additionally teams launching through us this way have team tokens vested upon milestone achievement and/or team review.

First Project: To be announced
Project Lite paper: Access for Dark Citadel Members only

Investment Roadmap

[Type 1] BTCnft.io Private Round
[Type 2] Million Pixels, Private Round
[Type 1] BTCnft.io Public Round Support
[Type 2] Million Pixels, Public Round
[Type 2] TokenFlip, Private Round
[Type 1] [Unannounced Project] [Round still in negotiation]

[Type 3] Community Project Private/Public Round [Tokenomics depending]

[Type 2] [Unannounced Project] Private Round
[Type 1] [Unannounced Project 2] Private Round

Please note! Million Pixels and Token Flip Token’s Contract Address’s and related Airdrops and listing dates will first and ONLY be announced in our Dark Matter Announcement Channel, Discord and our Medium.

Tokenized Discord

To engage in more varied discussion and to get feedback in the direction we take we will be launching a tokenized discord channel. See our updated docs.darkmatter.finance links and more.

We have two tiers.

Dark Capital
Hold 1 $DMT
(Ethereum or Polygon Network).

  • Access to Public and Private sales are on a First Come First Serve (FCFS) or Lottery basis.

Dark Citadel
Power Users, Crypt natives who at the minimum are able to create LP.
(around 4 DMT + ETH equivalent value) (UNI v2 or Quickswap/Polygon Supported).

  • Access to Private Round and OTC Offers.
  • Access to Project discussion and development rooms
  • Airdrops!
  • Access to Alpha

Million Pixels Airdrop!

To encourage our migration over to discord we will be airdropping $MP tokens. More about $MP tokens will be revealed in a medium post. Join Dark Matter groups for early alpha.

Dark Capital Airdrop
100 $MP tokens - First 100 people who joins the Dark Capital Discord.

Dark Citadel Airdrop
500 $MP tokens — First 40 people who joins the Dark Citadel Discord.



Dark Matter

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.