Earlier in the year Dark Matter went dark, walling up in our Telegram Citadel group with the idea of populating our discord further. This allowed us to focus on operating in the space with the aim to bring more alpha back to our community and to put together teams to…

Dark Matter is going private — becoming a Decentralized Investment Organization (DIO).

Table of contents

  • Re-imagining decentralized organizations
  • Project types
  • Investment Roadmap
  • Tokenized Discord and Telegram Channels
  • Million Pixels will be getting its own token $MP
  • $MP Airdrop details

Re-imagining decentralized organizations

April saw a larger focus on assessing and infrastructure building, including an overall assessment on the ecosystem as a whole. …

Dark Ventures the investing and consulting arm of Dark Matter, is excited to announce that it is in a position to offer its members access to private and public rounds in regards to investing into new and upcoming blockchain projects.

Members are able to access these offers ONLY through our…

April Medium Update

New landing page preview

With the launch of our latest dApp Tokenflip.io the Dark Matter Ecosystem continues to evolve, to keep our community up to date with all the developments coming out we will be doing bi-weekly medium reports covering the various progress and things the community can get involved with.

Although we are…

A coinflip game secured by Chainlink VRF powered by Polygon (formerly Matic)!

We are finally revealing what our secret project is all about! We can expect a working coinflip game where you can deposit and withdraw ETH, create a game or challenge an opponent, filter games and keep track of your wins and losses!

Since fully on-chain randomness is a hard problem to solve for games based on chance we will be using Chainlink VRF to securely pick a winner! This dApp will of course be on Polygon where all of our Dark Matter projects live. A percentage of the deposit fee will go the Quickswap DMT/ETH LP holders who are staked on our Dashboard.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter explores the intersection of NFTs and DeFi with a twist — LARPs (live action role-playing games) and puzzles.

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